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How SMB’s are Challenging Amazon’s Logistics Empire

08.08.2017, by Mike Rogers



Any company that shares a name with one of the world’s largest rivers is bound to be a contender. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos – briefly the world’s richest man – has done everything he can to ensure his company lives up to its lofty moniker. That means breaking new ground constantly behind the scenes, whether it’s using robots in warehouses or looking into airborne drone deliveries. Can small and medium-sized businesses possibly compete with the kind of buying power, networks, and innovations Amazon has at its disposal? Absolutely: in fact, they are already.  (more…)

Is Your Logistics Chain Leaking? The IoT May Be the Answer

07.24.2017, by Mike Rogers

Until a few years ago, inventory was a labor-intensive process that typically required either stopping operations for several days or bringing in a large crew to painstakingly count products overnight. These methods were heavily susceptible to human error, with end counts that didn’t necessarily reflect full accuracy. With buyers demanding transparency – particularly in eCommerce – the need for something better was clear.  Without digital oversight and assistance, your supply chain could be “leaking” time-sensitive opportunities for profit and stability, turning away customers frustrated by a lack of timely inventory. (more…)

Retail Compliance becoming tougher on Vendors

11.02.2016, by Mike Rogers



Retailing has changed a lot in the past 10 years, and there is pressure for companies to constantly be looking for ways to do better, sell more, and cut costs. Not surprisingly, some of this focus on performance and cost savings gets placed squarely onto suppliers and their carriers. The result is retailers being tougher than ever on their vendors when it comes to delivery compliance and charge-backs. (more…)

Bring Your Logistics Operation Out of the Dark with Benchmarking

09.14.2016, by Mike Rogers


There are few objective ways a shipper can really know how well their logistics operations is doing on its own. Since every company’s products and distribution requirements are unique, there’s no standard scorecard that says if your logistics costs are under $X, then you are doing a good job – or your delivery performance is less than Y%, so that’s bad. (more…)

Supply Chain Talent, Should You Hire or Outsource?

07.26.2016, by Mike Rogers


Operating any company requires a lot of strategic decision making, especially when it comes to hiring talent for specialized job roles like those in logistics and the supply chain.

Talented employees are hard to find in the logistics space. Each new hire a company makes is a risk – one that is magnified for an SMB enterprise. What manager hasn’t felt the sting of a bad hire? (more…)

Does your Logistics Strategy align with your Corporate Strategy?

06.17.2016, by Mike Rogers


Most companies strive to build a brand based on providing quality products and great service. So why do some companies risk compromising their brand with poor performance related to logistics?

This is not to suggest that companies should over-spend, or not pay attention to their logistics costs. Responsible logistics management is always about finding the best carrier to get the job done for the best rate. (more…)

The importance of Logistics in S&OP planning

06.02.2016, by Mike Rogers

Logistics S&OP Planning

Companies across many industries have long known that Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an effective technique for aligning sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing and finance around a single plan. The result when it is done right is an improvement in companies’ business performance. Not as recognized within the process is the importance of logistics, especially the transportation function. After all, what’s more important than getting the goods your company produces to the customer’s dock on time?