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The importance of Logistics in S&OP planning

02.06.2016 in Blog, Logistics Outsourcing, LTL Freight, Transportation Spend, Transportation Technology

Logistics S&OP Planning

Companies across many industries have long known that Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is an effective technique for aligning sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing and finance around a single plan. The result when it is done right is an improvement in companies’ business performance. Not as recognized within the process is the importance of logistics, especially the transportation function. After all, what’s more important than getting the goods your company produces to the customer’s dock on time?


When Is Intermodal a Good Alternative to Truckload?

18.05.2016 in Blog, Intermodal, Transportation Spend



Intermodal and truckload are similar services, with each having their own strengths and disadvantages. Yet while truckload might seem like the faster and more reliable choice from a shipper’s perspective, it’s not always the best choice. Intermodal has changed over the past several years and there are often circumstances when it’s a better routing option compared to truckload.


New to International Shipping? Here’s how to make it simple!

03.05.2016 in Blog, International Shipping, Logistics Outsourcing, Transportation Spend

Global logistics network Concept of air cargo trucking rail transportation maritime shipping customs clearance. Documentary support, international trade consulting for clients isometric illustration


Domestic and international shipping are very different. Managing transportation within the US can be complex and volatile – no one is saying it isn’t difficult – but the details of coordinating the average truckload or LTL shipment don’t compare to the complexities of shipping internationally.

The main reason for the differences are that every cross-border shipment is subject to laws, regulations, duties, and paperwork requirements that take country and mode-specific expertise to understand. A failure to miss any small detail related to paperwork or procedure will result in delivery delays at best – and big fines at worst.


Crack the Code on the LTL Pricing Strategy That Adds Big Profits to Your Bottom Line but Most 3PL’s Don’t Want You to Know!! (Part 2)

14.04.2016 in Blog, Freight Class, LTL Freight, Transportation Spend


In our last post we discussed the problems shippers face when they rely on 3PLs that settle for blanket pricing from their carriers. You can read that post here.

In this article we’ll provide you with specific steps you can take when negotiating with 3PLs to ensure you are getting the best possible rates and service.

It starts by making sure the 3PLs you are talking to have a very clear picture of your business and shipping needs. The blanket pricing we discussed before is intended to ‘cover’ what an average shipper needs and not take into account the specific details of an individual company’s requirements.


Crack the Code on the LTL Pricing Strategy That Adds Big Profits to Your Bottom Line but Most 3PL’s Don’t Want You to Know!! (Part 1)

31.03.2016 in Blog, Freight Class, LTL Freight, Transportation Spend



Do you understand LTL “Blanket” pricing and how it’s used by 3PL’s?

If you contract with a 3PL to manage your LTL freight, or are just considering the idea, it’s an important term to understand.

The concept of “Blanket” pricing provides valuable insight into the relationship between 3PLs and carriers. As a shipper, this knowledge can be the key to receiving better pricing and service – but more on these benefits later.