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4 Way Logistics, a West Coast shipping broker, offers expedited freight and trucking services, transportation and shipping services throughout the US.
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Expedited Freight – When you need something the next day!

When you have a time-critical or intrinsically valuable large shipment, and delivery deadlines are tighter than usual, 4 Way Logistics offers expedited freight shipping. With team service, a two-person driving team takes the wheel in shifts so that the truck stops only for fuel. The quickest over-the-road freight shipping method available, team service is the recommended way to move time-critical shipments that are either too large or cost-prohibitive for air freight service. When in doubt, ask about team service, and 4 Way Logistics will compare prices for you.

Another option for expedited shipping needs is air freight. Though more expensive than a trucking freight quote, air freight is the fastest freight shipping solution available.

Need something shipped next day or second day at a distance that a team can’t travel? We can find the right airfreight option for you.

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