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4 Way Logistics, located in northern California, offers heavy haul and oversize shipping and freight services.
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Heavy Haul & Oversize Shipments

Heavy haul and oversize, also known as over-dimensional shipments, pose special freight shipping challenges. Often a shipment is both oversize as well as heavy haul in nature. Heavy haul shipments can require special routing in order to stick to highways that can legally accommodate the weight of your shipment. Oversize or over-dimensional shipments frequently require special trucks and trailers. Oversize shipments may also require the acquisition of special permits issued by the various governmental agencies, states and other municipalities through which your shipment will move.

Although heavy haul, oversized and over-dimensional shipments require special attention, 4 Way Logistics has an experienced team of heavy haul and oversize carriers at our disposal.

We want to be your heavy haul and over size provider. You can move all those heavy haul details off your desk and onto ours.

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