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International ocean/air

4 Way Logistics – International Ocean/Air

Shippers that move shipments overseas have two options. They can either move via air or ocean. Ocean freight is the most cost effective but also the slowest way to move a shipment overseas. When moving shipments via ocean, it is necessary to be aware of sailing schedules of the different ocean carriers. Most ocean carriers have strict cutoff times by which shipments have to be tendered in order to make a specific sailing schedule. Overseas shipments will have both an inland and ocean charge. The inland charge covers freight movement from the shipper to the port or from the port to the consignee. The ocean charge covers movement from port-to-port only.

Ocean shipments must be containerized before they are loaded on a vessel to move overseas. Ocean containers usually come in three different sizes: 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet. Ocean shipments can be classified as less-than-container (LCL) and (CL).

Charges for ocean shipments can also be divided into LCL and CL rates. A CL rate is a charge for a whole container regardless of how much freight is loaded into the container. An LCL rate is based on how many cubic feet a shipment occupies.

Airfreight is typically the most expensive means of transporting shipments. On a cost per cwt the highest cost mode is air cargo. Most shippers utilize airfreight when a shipment has a strict delivery deadline that cannot be met by any other means of transportation. There are many different types of airfreight “carriers” including commercial airlines, integrated carriers and airfreight forwarders. If your shipment is time critical, than this may be the best option.

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