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Since Jimmy Carter was in office I’ve been in shipping. (Don’t remind me of the math.)

Back then there were just 200 freight brokers. Today, there are 12,000+ (and they all have your phone number, don’t they?)

You and I know that just buying a computer and an internet connection doesn’t make one an expert.

With my help, my clients have weathered the gas lines of 1979, trucking deregulation that started in 1980, the dotcom debacle, and the $147/barrel oil spike of 2008.

While these stats may help you win a round of Jeopardy, it won’t help you with your business. If you really want to know my background, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile, or give me a call and I’ll be happy to give the low down.

If you’ve seen enough and would like to have a discussion on how a 40+ year veteran of the freight business can add some $$ to your bottom line, click on the button below and I’ll get back with you to set up a time to talk. I’ll also email you a copy of my book, “Return on Logistics”!


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