I’m Mike Rogers, a 38 year veteran of the freight business.

I used to live in a world where too many small & medium size companies were under-served by the carriers and logistics providers out there - many still are. It was evident that only large companies with tremendous volumes got the benefits a large 3PL could offer.

That all changed when I discovered there is a way to leverage better rates and technology, directly affecting the bottom line. I organized my findings into a quick and simple process that exposes the same shipping strategies, and shows how smaller companies can easily compete with the Fortune 1000 players.
After putting these simple strategies into play, on average, my Clients achieve $77,832 in annual savings.

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Quick read, easy to understand, and spot-on regarding the value a good 3PL can provide small to mid-sized companies. Every company, no matter how small, needs a solid strategy to control shipping costs in order to maximize profits. Transportation professionals like Michael Rogers possess the knowledge and experience to create competitive advantages that previously were only available to large companies. Outsourcing to a good 3PL is like giving a huge headache away and taking a company-wide aspirin, plus immediately realizing improved profit margins.

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A Word From The Author

Since Jimmy Carter was in office I’ve been in shipping. I was fed up with small & medium size shippers not able to compete with their larger competitors. So, I created a simple 3 step process to receive an assessment that makes my clients more competitive and guarantees they’ll save money.

Mike Rogers

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