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We are a third party logistics company who helps you improve your transportation management system by identifying gaps in your supply chain and suggesting improvements by a simple 3 step process at a cost lower than other transportation companies.
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What We Do for Our Clients

Executives responsible for improving their supply chain look to us when they:

  • Want long term solutions without being tied into long term contracts.
  • Are frustrated managing many transportation providers
  • Are not receiving economies of scale when purchasing transportation.
  • Are forced to accept unresolved claims form carriers their 3PL chooses.
  • Tired of a 3PL that doesn’t take responsibility for any claims.
  • Are searching for a State of the Art TMS to streamline rating, routing and reporting.
  • Don’t have an extra million dollars in their budget for the right TMS.
  • Understand that a completely integrated end to end supply chain solution will increase their bottom line profits.
  • Are unsure if the carriers they or their providers use meet the current regulatory standards to mitigate their company’s risk.
  • Are tired of using companies that utilize impersonal national call centers to handle important issues.

If any of the above issue hit home, then let’s talk. 4 Way Logistics, Inc. is different from other transportation companies in the way we handle your supply chain. We pride ourselves in being the transportation providers who offer best management services in the industry.

We have developed a simple 3 step Strategic Assessment that paints a picture of where you are and where you can be with your supply chain.

How does it work?

  1. We start with a conversation to learn more about your business. We get to know what you are doing now, challenges you face and objectives you want to achieve. At the end of this conversation, we will know if there is a fit between our companies and decide if it makes sense to continue.
  2. After mutually deciding to move forward, we collect some data and then dig into the numbers and do our analysis. We will find what you are doing right and areas where improvements can be made. We craft a Logistics strategy and determine potential ROI.
  3. We present our findings to you and then you decide if you want to work with us to implement our suggestions. No pressure or obligation.

If after this process we both agree to work together, here is what you can expect from us.

Managed Transportation Solutions We Provide Our Clients

Key Objectives:

  • Reduce Costs by leveraging scale and optimizing shipments
  • Increase customer service by proactive management
  • Track carrier performance to support decision making
  • Carrier compliance management

Managed Transportation Services

  • Freight Cost Benchmarking
  • Carrier Invoice Auditing – Pre & Post
  • Claims Management, Reporting & Recovery
  • Comprehensive Carrier Selection, Negotiation And Contract Management
  • NMFC Analysis And Comparison
  • Leverage Our Spend To Get Client Most Competitive Rates
  • Parcel/Small Pack program available to select companies
  • Optimized transportation/shipping processes
  • Complete planning and execution – Inbound/Outbound shipments

State Of The Art Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Automated Freight Rate Quoting
  • Automation Of Prepaid And Add Processing
  • Enterprise Wide Visibility And Control 24/7
  • Fuel Surcharge & Accessorial Monitoring & Reporting
  • Key Performance Measurement
  • Load & Route Optimization
  • Vendor Routing Management (Virtual Routing Guide)
  • Customized Reporting

An efficient and cost-effective supply chain management process is the backbone of every business. With our experience and knowledge as supply chain analysts, we deliver managed transportation solutions to all our clients. We help to develop an end to end supply chain management system to increase your bottom line profits. You also get a state of the art transportation management system to streamline rating, routing and reporting.

Through supply chain integration, our clients have the advantage of lower shipment costs, better customer service, and the tools to support decision making.