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4 Way Logistics, located in CA, is a private transportation management & logistics company providing LTL, truckload, flatbed & distribution services.
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Who We Are

4 Way Logistics, Inc. is on a mission to help small & medium size businesses compete against larger players by using logistics as a competitive advantage. We are empowering executives to look at logistics strategically, rather than treating it as a commodity. 

Our Company

Founded in 1994, 4 Way Logistics, Inc. is a logistics consulting and management firm located in San Ramon, CA.  Lead by Michael Rogers – an industry veteran – 4 Way Logistics, Inc. focuses on helping underserved small and medium businesses manage their transportation needs strategically and efficiently, instead of reactively.

We consider your organizational needs and budget to pinpoint inefficiencies internally (within the organization) and externally (with your transportation providers) and combat these inefficiencies with intelligent solutions, be it better systems, lower rates, better service or more hands-on management. This holistic approach coupled with our industry expertise, allows us to harness your organization’s resources so you can manage your supply chain in a way that works cohesively with the other departments within your business and produces a tangible, trackable ROI.


“After spending 40 years in the transportation industry, I’ve seen where small to mid-size companies are not well served by most carriers and logistics companies in the marketplace. I refined a process to evaluate these businesses’ logistics strategies, optimize them and implement them so they can compete with larger fortune 1000 companies or crush their like-size competition. I work with my clients to grow their brands by optimizing their logistics management.”

–      Mike Rogers

At 4 Way Logistics, Inc., our promise is to strategically evaluate your logistics and work with you to reduce transportation costs, improve your customers’ experience and harness the power of technology to make your organization more competitive.

Our consultative approach, combined with 40 years of industry experience and extensive carrier relationships, fuels our clients’ success.  We adapt to the needs of your enterprise as you continue to grow and support your business by customizing solutions to each of your unique business requirements and goals.

Whether you have new responsibilities for transportation, or you are an experienced pro, 4 Way remains agile to fit logistics needs at the level you require.  Our experts act as an invaluable support to Logistics Managers, while continuously steering changes which result in optimized efforts meeting executive goals and working to control costs.

Our Founder

Since Jimmy Carter was in office I’ve been in shipping. (Don’t remind me of the math.)

Back then there were just 200 freight brokers. Today, there are 12,000+ (and they all have your phone number, don’t they?)

You and I know that just buying a computer and an internet connection doesn’t make one an expert.

With my help, my clients have weathered the gas lines of 1979, trucking deregulation that started in 1980, the dotcom debacle, and the $147/barrel oil spike of 2008.

While these stats may help you win a round of Jeopardy, it won’t help you with your business. If you really want to know my background, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile, or give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you the low down.

If you’ve seen enough and would like to have a discussion on how a 40+ year veteran of the freight business can add some $$ to your bottom line, click on the button below and I’ll get back with you to set up a time to talk. I’ll also email you a copy of my book, “Return on Logistics”!

Our Values

We value relationships and strive for your success.

In fact, we value them more than we value sales. We work hard to do what’s right for the client. To this end, we first work to find out whether companies are using their resources most effectively and get a clear view of their logistics supply chain and then recommend specific solutions.

We believe in agile optimization

This means that our relentless pursuit of logistic optimization is not a one-time thing – it’s an ongoing process of evaluating your strategy and results to find more efficient solutions, cost savings and overall organizational fit.

We bridge the logistics gap

The small and medium companies don’t get the shipping breaks that larger companies get either through rates they pay or via access to technology, while larger third party service providers have the buying power are typically looking at bigger accounts to meet their sales goals. We set out to change that. Our passion is to provide the small and medium size businesses access to the same resources that the big guys have, eliminating the logistics gap.

What Others Say About Us

“Your ability to handle any size load, to-and-from anywhere and within any service time frame has made you our best and only choice for handling our shipments.” — Chris Bruce, Owner, InnerSpace Engineering Corporation, San Mateo, CA.

“With your dedicated staff and professional attitudes you have made our logistic nightmares virtually non-existent.” — Brad Fox, Facility Manager, Fox Electronics, San Jose, CA.

“4 Way Logistics is a one-call, fast-response freight service . . . Your service is very professional and extremely reliable. I value it greatly.” — David Feldhammer, Owner, The Apparel Source, Oakland, CA.